Table Flower Arrangement

Table Flower Arrangement : Spiral

Flowers used : 7 Pink Roses + 6 Peach Gerberas

Foliage : approximately 20 leaves + Purple Phoenix

Cost : $17

On the 2nd lesson, Teacher Cindy is patiently showing the preparation steps to be taken on the Roses (removing the thorns) , Gerberas (wiring & scotch tapping ) and Cordyline Leaves ( shaping – curling – stapled )


Step 1 : Set the 7 roses – the most bloomed and straight rose is picked for the center.

Step 2 : Set the 6 Gerbera

Step 3 : Set the Cordyline Leaves

Step 4 : Purple Phoenix – Teacher Cindy kept reminding on the rules : a little longer than the nearest shortest

Top View of completed arrangement
Completed Arrangement : Back View
Completed Arrangement : Front View

感恩您 Teacher Cindy that I had a great lesson today.


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